Friday, November 18, 2016

DID YOU KNOW, NCSIMUL MACHINE is the perfect add on for your PTC Creo CAM solution?

NCSIMUL MACHINE prides itself in creating the kind of versatility that is essential to machinists across different sectors. Adding Creo of PTC’s SOFTWARE and SOLUTIONS to our expanding list of CAD/CAM interfaces is just one example of how we aim to increase productivity, allowing machinists and programmers in manufacturing to keep their data consistent.

Everything you’ve created on Creo, from your tools, tool paths, parts to your rough stock, can be transferred, then saved on to NCSIMUL MACHINE. All it requires is a click to select the elements you’d like to send, and all your data is uploaded in a few seconds.
Lauded for its ease of use, the Creo interface is one among many ways NCSIMUL MACHINE is designed to save you more time and money.

Need to make a change or update?

Your updates to Creo can be sent and uploaded to NCSIMUL in the same way.
Your updates to Mastercam can be sent and uploaded to NCSIMUL in the same way.

Integrate Creo to NCSIMUL MACHINE


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Increase your shopfloor productivity & reduce your costs 
All-in-one CNC programming solution
CNC machining simulation

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Held every two years, the Seventh Chinese Numerical Control Competitions (CNCC) took place in China last week. The National NC Skills Competition highlight various levels of skill in NC programming and machining. Bringing together the best of engineers and students from all over China, its objective is to award craftsmanship in efforts to nurture China's future in manufacturing and help reach target manufacturing goals of 2025. The event was covered nationally in printed and televised media. Additionally, in attendance at the inauguration was the Chinese Labor Minister and other national and provincial government leaders. 

The competition itself is divided into three facets: CNC lathe and CNC milling on machining Centers (four-axis, five-axis), CNC machine tool installation and maintenance, overseeing five projects. While the competition evaluated theoretical knowledge, it mainly comprised of two practical operations. The first was a seven hour machine operation test where each contestant was required to machine his or her part correctly on a machine tool. The second part included a three hour examination of CAD design, CAM programming and NC-Code validation using PHIC-NCSIMUL.